Download latest firmware for your Wanhao D9  and make it silent

Firmware is changed so it can be used with our boards with Wanhao D9. We suggest downloading prepared .hex files which can be easily installed on your printer. If you are an advanced user and would like to modify something in code we also uploaded raw files that can be modified.

Prepared .hex files will not work without Silence3D board.


If you have any problems or you find any bug, please feel free to contact us.


IMPORTANT: After flashing, be sure to do again the PID tuning and the Sensor Z-height tuning (if you have a sensor) as the EEPROM settings of this version are not compatible with previous versions and are thus reset.


D9 MK3 D9_MK3_V1.hex (146 downloads)
D9 MK2 D9_MK2_V1.hex (109 downloads)
RAW RAWmk2&3 firnware.rar (93 downloads)